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Our initial days

The wandering shoes started off as a personal photo blog when the founder was just kicking off his journey in the outdoors. In the first 3 years run, the first leg as he describes it, he had experienced all that he could get his hands on, from the things that came his way and the rest, devoted to chasing a few dreams.
Amids’t the frenzy of adventures he hosted a few treks and experiential journeys exploring the unique cultures of the remotest villages of the Northern India ( TWS Specials)

A couple of years into hiking, trekking, mountaineering, experiential travel, cultural experiences in the remotest of villages and more, soon turned into hosting a few; treks and such experiences a year. The enthusiasm towards such trips and knowledge also propelled some projects like Intra-day runs, The art of alpinism and Solo trekking. These were piloted a few years down the line.

We started hosting a few treks pre-season with a strong team for a completely different experience, but only for experienced trekkers.

We decided to list a few offerings, from the adventures that the shoes had already been on. The photographs are taken by the photography enthusiast founder himself

The Founder

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