Delhi Rock Climbing Trip


1 Day

Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

5 to 30° C



Oct - Feb
July - Sept

Situated at Delhi – Haryana border, Mangar Bani holds the extensions of 'Aravallis', which are the oldest geological structures on earth, an ancient mountain range which is now in its ruins.

The area, be it in ruins, holds some timeless treasures. Ancient artefacts, rock art and even water bodies from old times are one of the highlights in the area.

Mangar, once a victim to rampant, unregulated mining, started seeing some rock lovers who saw the potential and started rock climbing in the area. They established numerous new lines and as the community saw new interests and young potential, a book was published by a rock enthusiast
“ Mohit Oberoi” with the help of his co-climbers and other veteran climbers from the community.

“Guide to Rock Climbing in and around Delhi,” which encompasses, in detail, all the trad routes known in that area was published as an effort to share a brand new playground (consisting of more than 50 lines) for the rock enthusiasts residing in and around Delhi.
One can purchase this guide book through -

Over the past few years, a few bolted sport routes have come up with new generation of climbers in the area.

Our climbing trips comprises of both sport and trad routes but this particular program for beginners and intermediate climbers happen on the sport lines.



We begin our day by -

  • Reaching the meeting point at Peer baba Mangar. Its a short hike deep inside the conservation area through keekar forests to reach the crag.

  • If unsure about the route, we meet at The lalit, Mangar where you can follow us in your own vehicle till the parking spot and hike down the crag afterwards.
  • To start things off, participants will be briefed on the basics of rock climbing along with the equipment, movements and techniques to climb.
  • A demo will be provided if need be for better understanding of techniques
  • Enjoy climbing the Top rope – Beginner routes if you are new to rock climbing.
  • Try lead climbing on the routes if you are an experienced climber

If you are an Experienced Climber

or need personalised trips

 Reach out to us by filling this form –

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Included / Excluded

To help you plan your trip, we have put together a list of what's included and what's not included in your tour package. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you make any necessary arrangements before your journey begins.




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