Parang La


11 Days



Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

-10 to 15° C




July - Sept

Parang La, a high altitude pass connecting Spiti valley in Himachal to Korzok in Ladakh is a crown jewel of the of the treks in Himachal Pradesh.

This is an excursion for seasoned trekkers as the whole trail lies above 4000+ meters ASL, maxing out at 5,580 meters. Parang la is also the elite member of the 100 km alpine trail club with the total distance covered, clocking in at 118 kilometres.

Taking this ancient trade route, in the harsh terrain and altitude, one gets to witness the remotest corners of India, close to the Tibet border, walking through deep gorges, big glaciers, ice fields and walking along huge river basin of the 'Pare chu' river and ultimately the vast high altitude wetlands leading up to the dazzling 'Tso Moriri'.

An interesting fact about this trail is that most of the distance covered during this trek lies inside Himachal, including the pass and only 15% comes under Ladakh.

Experiencing the rich and rare wildlife of both the regions is another big attraction of this expedition In the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary ( Spiti, Himachal), Sightings of Himalayan Ibex, Blue sheep, snow cock and golden eagle are common and one can also get lucky with glimpses of the Tibetan wolf, red fox and even a snow leopard. In the Ladakh region, one can see Kiangs ( Tibetan wild asses), yaks, marmots, Tibetan antelopes and if lucky, the Eurasian Lynx.

The wetlands of Tso moriri are also famous for a lot of migratory birds such as
Black-necked cranes
Bar headed geese
Great crested grebe
White eyed pochard or the Siberian duck and more.

More highlights than you can count on your hands is what makes this trek , an experience of a lifetime and even more as you get to explore the cold deserts of Spiti and Ladakh both at once.


Pictures of the Chicham bridge, the views on the trail and some fascinating mountain formations and features


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