Mt. Yunam


1 Week



Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

-10 to 25° C


23 km


June - October

Located in Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh, Mt. Yunam is a 6000m trekking peak which is not a technical climb but is quite challenging because of the high altitude. It lies on the border of Himachal and Ladakh

This enduring climb is a great choice for aspiring mountaineers who have had experienced difficult and enduring high altitude treks.

This peak also serves as an easy acclimating climb for 7 thousand meter peaks.

The approach starts from a tented seasonal colony high up near Baralacha pass called Bharatpur lying at an altitude of 4000m + altitude.

Trail to this summit is comprised of scree & boulders. It is a great alternative to Stok Kangri and Mt. Kanamo but more rewarding in terms of the views from the top with one being able to see multiple glacier systems, CB and Zanskar ranges and Mulkila Peak along with some green blue glacier lakes


Barren yet beautiful landscape of Lahaul valley


We at TWS have carefully designed the itinerary, after undertaking the endeavor ourselves and keeping in mind the high altitudes on this expedition

  • Altitude – 1950m
  • Overnight stay in hotel
  • Altitude – 3120m
  • Drive time – 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Overnight stay at Hotel / Luxury camps
  • Altitude – 4500m
  • Drive time – 3 to 4 hours
  • Overnight in tents
  • Altitude gain of 700m till 5200m ( Base camp)
  • Hike duration  – 4.5h avg.
  • Gain altitude for acclimatization and get back to Bharatpur camp site
  • Altitude – 5200m
  • Hike duration – 4.5h avg.
  • Overnight stay in tents
  • Short hike around the base camp along with 100-200m alt. gain
  • Witness the glacial systems of the adjoining mountains
  • Overnight stay tents
  • Altitude – 6100m
  • Hike duration – 8 to 10 hours
  • Experience the stunning 360° views of the surrounding ranges, peaks and glacial systems
  • Reserve day can be used at either Bharatpur camp, an extra day at base camp as per health/weather conditions
  • Base camp to Bharatpur – Hike
  • Bharatpur to Sissu/Manali – Drive

Area Map

Included / Excluded

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