Mt. Friendship


8 Days



Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

-10 to 20° C




April - Oct

Friendship peak is a fabulous opportunity for stepping up your trekking game and get a taste of the world of mountaineering.

This towering summit is a test of endurance and introduces you to the basics of mountaineering such as climbing with snow boots, crampons, ice axes, personal safety gears and managing rope.

For an experienced climber even, this is a fun climb with great accessibility, great views of the surrounding big mountains and the thrill of climbing a slopy summit.

Lying in the Solang valley near Manali town of Himachal Pradesh, this expedition takes you through a short valley, along the Beas nallah all the way to the base of Hanuman Tibba of, where two mountain ranges Dhauladar and Pir Panjal come together and you finally see Friendship peak up close.
*Hanuman Tibba is in the Dhauladar range and Friendship peak lies in the Pir Panjal range.

The approach is easy as you make your way through green slopes up till the Lady leg camp where onwards its all alpine zone with moraine and snow and ice.

The climb is a different grade all together during the winter season when not just the mountain but even the approach march is packed with heavy snow.

One gets to see and navigate features like moraine, glaciers and crevasses on the mountain.

Big mountains like Deo Tibba and Indrasan can be sighted from 2nd camp onwards and other neighbouring summits such as Shitidhar, Ladakhi, Shikhar beh and Priyadarshni are visible from the summit whereas the majestic Hanuman tibba stays in your sight all along the expedition, patiently watching and observing as you make your climb. There is even mobile network on the shoulder and summit of this mountain as you have a birds eye view of Manali town.


Photographs of the majestic Hanuman tibba & the Dhauladar range in the backdrop along with some still from the climb and view from the summit.


Area Map

Included / Excluded

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