Ghepan Ghat


5 Days



Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

0-12° C




June - Sept

Lahaul and Spiti district isnt just home to Chandratal, which is one of the most serene lakes in India but also a lesser known, pristine blue lake - Aliyas lake or Ghepan Ghat

Imagine a sapphire blue lake with floating icebergs from the adjoining Aliyas glacier, which calves directly into the lake
(Calving is breaking off of ice where the glacier terminates)

Ghepan ghat, is the name given to this dazzling glacial lake as it lies under the Ghepan peak and according to mythology, Lord Ghepan is the ruling deity of Lahaul.

This unfrequented trail is rather a short one, giving huge rewards with just a couple days of hiking.

The trail starts from the town of Sissu and takes you through the raw mountains of Lahaul with meadows and groves of wildflowers, making the whole mountain look like a bouquet of flowers.

Narrow Shepards trail passes besides multiple waterfalls as it makes way for a huge grassland at the end of the valley where you can find numerous immaculate streams running off from the Aliyas glacier and surrounding systems

A small navigation through the moraine gives way to the magnificent blue lake with different shapes of small icebergs floating gently.
( The icebergs are only seen in the early season of June-July.)

Surrounding big mountains such as Ghepan peak itself, towering at 6000 meters + adds on to the appealing views of the lake.


Explore the abode of Lord Ghepan


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Today, you’ll have the day to explore the city at your own pace. Your guide will provide recommendations for activities and sights to see.

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