Sethan Climbing Trip


5 Days



Max Altitude


Avg. Temperature

5 to 25° C




May - Oct

Welcome to the world of outdoor climbing

A quiet yet beautiful village situated just above Manali, the entryway to Hamta Pass from kullu valley side, is home to the Buddhist community who migrated from Spiti and Tibet.

Just ahead of this quaint little village lies a world of opportunities for rock enthusiasts.

Huge boulders and high rising rock cliffs, in the recent years have grown famous for this sport as more than 50 boulder problems have been found, cleaned and ascended ( sent) by passionate climbers.
Along with bouldering, the wall climbing aficionados also opened up new opportunities for the climbing community by discovering, cleaning and bolting some fantastic sport and trad lines ahead of the bouldering forests of Sethan.

Campaigns undertaken by @cragdevelopmentinitiative ( Instagram handle) bolted close to 20 routes in 2-3 different areas. They also hold workshops and drills on bolting and rescue operations for community members who undertake such endeavours.
Other smaller teams / groups of climbers have bolted a few trad and sport routes after their FA ( first ascent) of that line, for the community to experience those climbs.

You will be climbing with this wonderful community in the First and the second forests, where you get educated about the basics of climbing and try out the beginner boulder problems. Later in the schedule you will undertake top rope climbing which includes a bit of safety gear as you climb upto 15-20 meters of height on a slopey wall face.

You will be wearing safety harnesses, helmets and be tied to a rope for arresting falls.

It is safe, exciting and a totally new world in itself.


Climbing also makes for some fantastic captures, Make sure to wear bright colors 😉


  • Learn about the basics of bouldering in the domain of rock climbing.
  • Today you will learn about the rocks, holds, the techniques of climbing, taking a fall, the safety practises related to the sport like spotting and using/moving a crash mat while your partner climbs to get you started
  • Today you will get your hands on experience on bouldering.
  • Starting off with the easy problems ( a sequence of holds and a route that you take to climb up a boulder to finish) you will experience how to climb simple lines on a boulder.
  • Today will be another boulder day with more problems to try. Some you will be able to to complete and some will hopefully remain as projects in your mind for your next trip to finish off.
  • In the evening you will be briefed about the technical equipment required for climbing vertical walls using rope and belaying
  • Today you will try our wall climbing on the sport routes with the help of a top rope and learn about belaying the climber.
  • A short hike of 40 minutes will take you to a whole new part of the valley with rock walls and high cliffs.
  • Get to experience climbing some of the easy routes after a quick briefing and a demo
  • The day will leave your hands pumped and hearts content.
  • Learn the basics of Lead climbing and try your hands on leading a route.
  • Finish off some unfinished routes today

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